Segment Pit Covering

for monolithic constructed pits, per meter

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  • Full drive-across property: The extra-high capacity permits full drive-across properties (floor elements up to 10 t axle load, pull-out elements up to 5 t wheel load).
  • Versatility I: Each individual sliding cover can easily be used for other tasks, e.g. as a surface to support in conjunction with trestles.
  • Time saving: Now you can perform work in front of, beneath and behind the vehicle simultaneously, and use the side access steps as well. No problem if you use the segment pit covering from BLITZ.
  • Optimal vehicle access: As the covering elements can be extended wherever needed, maximum access to the vehicle is obtained.
  • Easier working: The effort required for pulling out the roller-mounted covering elements is minimal. Bridges can thus be created across the pit (subject to the necessary safety precautions) within a matter of seconds.
  • Safety: Sections of the pit that are not in use can be covered over rapidly and flexibly. The risk of accidents at the workplace is thus minimised.
  • VersatilityII: The exposed length of the pit is only as much as is needed. The remaining surface can be used for other tasks. This increases the effective surface area of the workshop.

Attention: Standard part! The width of the pit must conform to the width of the pit covering in the planning phase.



Tech Data

FeaturesSegment Pit CoveringSegment Pit Covering
Max. drive-over load5000kg