Mobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-7.5 AGRAR

2 x 7.5 t, with agricultural adapters, wireless, battery powered

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The mobile wheel gripper systems by Blitz are a perfect synthesis of flexibility and stability. Free Areas – make optimal use, both in the workshop as well as outdoors.

  • Double overload protection ensures security
  • Intuitive Control
  • Faster change of position possible due to forklifts
  • The VARIO fork ensures the accommodation of different tire sizes without additional adapters: from 570 – 1300 mm – and, of course, Super-Single
  • Generously-sized batteries allow up to 15 lifting and lowering movements with a full load.
  • Movable self-deflecting steering gear with integrated locking brake prevents the unintentional rolling away of the lifting unit. 
  • Forklift adapters allow quick and easy transport of the wheel grippers in the workshop
  • The unique FS profile offers optimum protection of the wheel hub. 
    Intuitive control with clearly arranged operating elements.
  • Integrated charging device permits charging while operating the HYDROLIFT. One hour of quick-charging allows an additional complete lifting/lowering cycle.
  • The modular design allows the additional expansion from 2 to 4, 6 or 8 lifting units.• Double overload protection due to infinitely adjustable hydraulic safety device (shutoff valve) and self-locking mechanical safety catch.
  • Easy-to-understand symbols and clearly arranged push buttons simplify operation. Software updates are carried out via SD card
  • Large-scale production in our ISO-certified production facilities allows consistently high manufacturing quality.
  • Wireless communication of the individual lifting units takes place on the basis of IEEE 802.15.4 standards
  • Hydro-Protect: The lifting cylinder is protected against external influences in the lifting carriage. The motor and the hydraulic power units are completely covered.
  • Every lifting unit is equipped with an emergency stop button 
  • Easy Drive: Low-friction rollers make setting up the workplace literally a breeze.
  • Synchronization control guarantees absolute synchronization of all lifting units – even with uneven load distribution.
  • No master column. All functions are available on every wheel gripper column


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Tech Data

FeaturesMobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-7.5 AGRARMobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-7.5 AGRARMobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-7,5Mobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-7,5Mobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-7,5Mobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-7,5Mobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-6.2 AGRARMobile column lift HydroLift S3 2-6.2 AGRARMobile column lift HydroLift S2 8.2 AGRARMobile column lift HydroLift S2 8.2 AGRAR
Mode of driveelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulicelectrohydraulic
Communication of columnswirelesswirelesswirelesswirelesswireless
Number of lifting units22222
Rated load capacity15000kg15000kg15000kg12400kg16400kg
Lifting capacity per lifting unit7500kg7500kg7500kg6200kg8200kg
Lifting time loaded75s65s75s75s78s
Lowering time loaded70s54s70s70s54s
Lift cycles fully loaded1514151515
Wheel diameter min.570mm570mm570mm570mm600mm
Wheel diameter max.1300mm1300mm1300mm1300mm1100mm
Driving power per cylinder unit3,0kW3,0kW3,0kW3,0kW3,0kW
Weight per column620kg630kg620kg620kg730kg
Surface coatingpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coatedpowder coated