Pit lift, suspended GWUS 2

1,3 t, 500 mm stroke, Pneumatic, with forced return of the piston, rust protection filling

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  • Smooth running: The standard needle roller bearings on the carriage rollers permit effortless sliding of the lift inside the pit.
  • Precision: The stepless fine-adjustment stroke permits the pit lift to be positioned accurately at the vehicle. Important for responsive lifting and when offering up assemblies.
  • Durability: Both the piston rod and the pump piston are hard-chrome plated, for protection against corrosion and wear.



Tech Data

FeaturesPit lift, suspended GWUS 2Pit lift, suspended GWUS 2
Mode of drivepneumatic
Operationmanual control
Pit jack designsuspended
Quick liftstandard
Forced returnstandard
Rated load capacity1300kg
Peg diameter35mm
Carriagenot adjustable
Surface coatingLacquered
Corrosion preventingUltra High Solid Primer (UHS)
Air supply13bar