TWIN piston compressor BKES 405/250

10 bar, 250 l, 2 stage, on vertical air receiver

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TWIN piston compressors from BLITZ offer power capacity and heavy duty performance at an attractive price. For all compressed air users with high demands and daily application needs.

Trade compressors of the TWIN series are available as oil-lubricated or oil-free models, each either stationary or mobile. The TWIN Airstation offers a totally economical solution comprising of compressor, refrigerated air dryer, oil water separator and automatic condensate drain.

  • Air aftercooler: For all TWIN piston compressors efficient after-coolers and intermediate- coolers ensure low air outlet temperatures. This strongly reduces the need for further air processing.
  • 2 Stage design: Almost all the TWIN piston compressors are manufactured with the special 2-stage design. Low thermal and mechanical load leads to much higher efficiency and ca. 25% energy conservation.
  • Galvanised air receiver (option): Would you like to increase the durability and thus the value of your compressor? With galvanisation of the air receiver available as an option this is possible.
  • Air receiver with handhole: (for air receivers with contents of 250 l or more). The service-friendly design of the TWIN air receiver with integrated handhole minimises the time and effort involved in repeated TÜV tests and makes the air receiver easier to clean.
  • Electric motors from reputable manufacturers: TWIN piston compressors are produced to a level of high quality. This includes the application of IP 54 tested electric motors with ISO F-winding. Naturally attention is paid to the sufficient dimensioning – with power reserve just in case.
  • Low compressor speed: TWIN piston compressors: that means large working volume with low compressor speed (in average only 895 rpm for V-belt driven compressors). A guarantor for long lifetime, low wear, quiet-running and high efficiency.
  • As option up to 4 kW: Star delta switch, completely wired (for all compressors with air receivers). The star delta switch is mounted and controlled in the manufacturer´s factory, therefore, saving the usual costs involved for mounting on site. A big advantage over loosely enclosed „control kits”.
  • Maintenance-free segment valves: The multi-purpose valve plates for 2-stage compression prove themselves by their long-life and energy-saving efficiency.



Tech Data

FeaturesTWIN piston compressor BKES 405/250TWIN piston compressor BKES 405/250
Compressor designstationary
Pressure vesselstandard
Power pack designPiston
Pressure vessel designvertical
Pressure vessel capacity250l
Cylinder count2
Pressure stages2
Free air delivery310l/min
Suction capacity400l/min
Compressor speed965rpm
Input of connection port02. Jan"
Output of connection port02. Jan"
Max. operating pressure10bar
Surface coatingLacquered
Noise level without acoustic hood77dB(A)
Length without acoustic hood660mm
Width without acoustic hood800mm
Height without acoustic hood1900mm
Weight without acoustic hood180kg
Noise level with acoustic hood69dB(A)
Length with acoustic hood650mm
Width with acoustic hood900mm
Height with acoustic hood2050mm
Weight with acoustic hood230kg
Driving power2,2kW
Power supply400 V | 50 Hz